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28th gennaio
Scritto da - il 28 gennaio 2011

San Trasporto m’è apparso in sogno e ha detto: abbi cura del trofeo.
E così come Mediolanum costruisce la banca intorno a te, io ci ho fatto la scatola rinforzata intorno al trofeo (e al mio carro)
Tiè: e vedemo se ariescono a sfasciarmi anke kuesta!


26th gennaio
Scritto da - il 26 gennaio 2011

Roma Bike Polo proudly presents: the trophy “making of”.
For those who will not be so lucky to grab the real one, you can see several pictures, and a step by step quick reportage of the 2 weeks work, in the “surgeon” ‘s lab.

After a first contact, waiting for news, I sketched up some ideas… but when I saw the GM artwork…I had to match the wonderful and clean graphics of Hannes and Steffen from Karlsruhe Bikepolo.
Everything was within their work: this time, no spare parts beautifully presented…
New materials, new design, same care.
Follow every step on this epic video.


26th gennaio
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I know we’ve been pretty silent about the whole organization of this upcoming Euro championship. As most of you know, we’ve been stuck in a bureacratic silence ourselves.That being said, we are working on what will be the format of the tournament and we would like to hear what the people have to say about this. Depending on the resolution from the city hall we have a two main options available for the format of the tourney.

– The first one, and the one we like the most, will be a 5 day event that will start on thursday june 2nd and will end on monday the 6th. 48+ slots on 3 courts of about 37 x 17 meters. Thursday being a warm-up/welcome day and everybody gets together to get familiarized with the courts. From there friday and saturday will be official games on a round-robin format (with the possibility to have one court open for throw-ins for those not playing one of the two days. Double elimination Super Sunday where we see who’s who at the euro polo business and finally, a cool-off/farewell polo session on monday at the euro courts with a possible introduction session for beginners.

– Now, the second choice would be a more discrete venture. 48 slots only on 3 courts 37 x 17. Informal thursday at our local court (either La Aspirina or El Templo). Warm-up/welcome friday to get to know the official courts. Round-robin Friday and double elimination Super Sunday. We bid everyone adieu at our local courts after that….

We would like to know your opinion as well as suggestions to make this event what is supposed to be: the most kickass polo weekend of the year!
Please post all inquiries here.

Also, I would like to start tallying the teams interested in participating, so I will need a city representative to send an email with the number of players in your community, how long has your city been playing and the number of teams you would like to send and if possible, the tournament awards you’ve collected. Please, ONE EMAIL PER CITY ONLY. This is by no means a registry form, but merely a way to know the potential amplitude of the event.
Send it to

Alright people, 3-2-1 Poloooooooo (in Barcelona!)

Da LOBP – Qui la discussione

25th gennaio
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23rd gennaio
Scritto da - il 23 gennaio 2011

Ho iscritto una squadra per il torneo d i Lisbona il 19 marzo.

Polodervishi per ora. Sono rimasti altri 4 posti disponibili su 16 squadre.

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21st gennaio
Scritto da - il 21 gennaio 2011

Sabato piove, domenica coperto ma si dovrebbe giocare.

Piazza brin

Marco, Sapo, Matteo, arruolati.

gli altri?


19th gennaio
Scritto da - il 19 gennaio 2011

me s’è fatto piccolo piccolo il cuore a vedere i nostri amici iberici….
eeeeehhhh quanta nostalgia.

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